Package & Label Design

Consumers pay attention to how things are packaged and labeled. The way that a common item is labeled can make a dramatic difference to whether they pick it up off the shelf or they place it in their online shopping basket. Label and packaging design can ultimately sway a person's decision to go with one product over another. To stand out from your competitors, you need to communicate your messages in creative and engaging ways.


Crowberry will make your label and packaging designs memorable. Our superbly created designs will speak volumes to get your message out to the world.

The Process »

We'll start by getting to know your product and the people who buy it. Conduct some market research and competitor analysis and then dive into the creative process to explore the options. You'll be involved at each stage and together we'll create an outstanding design. To keep a brand alive it needs to be well cared for.

Great design takes great designers; their time is billed at an hourly rate for the course of the project. If you have a budget we may be able to work to that.

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