Content management system

Now you can have complete control over your website through this content management system. Its powerful and user-friendly menu-driven interface allows you to update or add content onto your website from anywhere (at home, laptop, travel, etc.). All you need is your pc and internet connection. You don't need any programming knowledge or skills.

You are in FULL control of your content management system. No more waiting for a third party to do your changes or update your website. There are no more extra costs involved!


It is as easy as logging into your content management system via any web browser and start updating your content. A File Manager allows you to access any files on your hard drive to upload to the server. Edit and write your content using the WYSIWYG editor.

There are so much on offer with the content management system, i.e. Forums, Blogs, RSS, and many more you can add that are included in the installation.

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