Google advertising (Pay per click - PPC)

You know that you need to take advantage of the massive online market but you’re not sure where to start? Want to see results straight away? Let us show you exactly how to get real, fast results that we constantly measure, track and improve!

How does Pay Per Click advertising work?

Pay-per-click advertising is a way of advertising in which you can use Google AdWords to advertise your business or product. Its also a great way for brand awareness!

A potential consumer searches on Google for your product or service and the results get displayed at the top or right hand side. We will bid on specific researched keywords in order to have your ads appear. You only pay once a consumer clicks on your text ad or image ad.

We will manage your account so you get the best out of your advertising budget. One great aspect about pay per click advertising is that you decide what your daily or monthly budget should be. Once that budget is depleted your ads will simply disappear, until the next day. There is no unexpected end-of-the-month bill.

Benefits of Pay Per Click advertising:

  • Great for creating brand awareness
  • Its highly effective and shows instant results
  • Very affordable budgets
  • Low risk
  • Only pay when your ad gets clicked on
  • Allows to geographically target an audience
  • PPC advertising is 100% measurable
  • Use it to launch new products or for events - as a promotional tool, and more.

It's important to us that your online campaign continuously succeeds and performs! So, please contact us and we will gladly give you an in-depth explanation on how to go forward from here to start your first pay per click advertising campaign.

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